The Shipping Process - What to Expect

Here at Saab USA Parts, it is our goal to be as entirely up front and honest about our processing, packaging and shipping times as possible. Below, we have outlined how the process works on an average order through any number of circumstances and scenarios.

First, a word on backorders...

What is a backorder?

If an item is backordered, this means the part is currently out of physical stock in the USA and has to be sourced directly from Saab (overseas).

Want to know if a part is in stock or on backorder? Just ask! If you need a part quickly, or simply are not interested in a backorder delivery period, ask our staff before you place any order. We will always be able to give you a quick and honest answer regarding the inventory status of any item listed for sale.

We always do our best to label known backorders clearly and explicitly on the website on each product page, but availability can change very quickly and all orders are filled in a first come, first serve basis. Please note, we make no claim that any item for sale on the website is physically in stock or ready to ship at any given time. In the event that a backordered part is ordered (explicitly labeled or not), please keep in mind the following:

*All orders are processed immediately and in full upfront. If a backorder occurs you are effectively making a deposit of 100% of the order value to keep the order active.

Saab USA Parts staff may attempt to contact you to discuss a backorder and your options. This may be done via the email address or phone number provided. In selecting to order any item, we will always assume you wish to obtain the part regardless of a backorder situation, unless we are told otherwise.

Saab USA Parts reserves the right to ship any order containing a backorder part as a partial order. If this occurs, the remaining backorder items not included in the original shipment will either be refunded in full or will arrive from Saab overseas as soon as physically possible.

Saab USA Parts reserves the right to cancel any order in part or in full that contains a backorder item at anytime.

Never submit an order that you consider an "all or nothing" purchase without checking with our team before you place the order. Saab USA Parts will not take into consideration the useful application of any combination of parts or dependence on / of specific parts on related items (EX to complete a specific repair) including, but not limited to the quantity of each item. We will always assume each line item of any order is independently desired. If a partial order is shipped, regular return policies and fees will still apply.

Once any order is shipped, shipping charges are non-refundable.

You can quickly and easily check to see if any item on your order has hit a backorder by logging into your account, viewing the order in question, and viewing the "Order Comments". Our staff will label the backorder in this place.

Any pending backorder can be cancelled and refunded on request at any time. The refund will always be entirely penalty free and will be in the form of the original payment type. Note - after 30 days, credit typically cannot be transferred back to a credit card; Saab USA Parts reserves the right to issue any refund in the form of a company check made out to the individual / address listed on the billing address of the order.

How long does a backorder take?
Should a backorder occur on any given item, it can take anywhere from one day up to a few months for the parts to arrive. Based on our experience, the average wait time is usually about 2-4 weeks. Remember, you can always cancel a backorder for a refund in full at anytime - just ask.

Whats the advantage to waiting for a backorder?
If an item is backordered, this means it is currently unavailable for all Saab dealers, Service Centers, and retailers in the USA and Canada. As soon as a backorder occurs, a waiting list for the item is created. Keeping a backorder active will reserve your place in line to get the part. Backorders are then delivered in a first come, first serve basis with absolute priority going to the orders that have been waiting the longest.

How do I cancel a backorder?
Just ask - you can submit an email, call us, or chat with us live. We don't require any reason for a cancellation and your ability to cancel for a refund never expires. Simply let us know your name, the order number(s) and if you would like to cancel an order in full or in part.

General Shipping Policies

Regular Processing - as soon as your order is placed, our team begins work on fulfillment. All orders are processed automatically shortly after they are placed - this includes the credit card billing / confirmation of PayPal billing and creation of a material invoice for your order. Typically, most orders of regular in stock parts go through processing 48hr or less and are fully shipped in that time frame. Normal in stock parts can process for 1-7 business days or longer in certain situations; this is far more common with large, over-sized items, rare and special order parts, and orders containing many line items. Processing time is never counted toward the shipping transit time - EX "Ground Shipping 2-5 Days" does not mean the part will physically arrive in 2-5 days. This means that once the item is physically shipped, it will be in transit for approximately 2-5 days as an estimate. This applies to all shipping choices including upgraded and air methods.

Need to have a part by a specific date or time?
Just ask! Our staff is more than happy to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. We simply ask that you check with us prior to placing the order. Please do not submit an order and then contact us with a special request, this needs to be confirmed before the order is submitted.

Which carriers do you use?
In order to ensure the greatest degree of productivity and service, Saab USA Parts uses a combination of UPS, USPS, Fedex, ACT and other shipping methods. We reserve the right to change any selected shipping method to a similar speed shipping method at any time at our discretion (EX: UPS Next Day Air can be changed to Fedex Next Day Air). These types of changes can occur based on factors including, but not limited to package size / weight, item location and destination location. Need to have a specific carrier used for you order? This is typically not a problem and we are happy to accommodate your requests, just be sure to communicate this with staff prior to placing an order with us. Typically, tracking numbers will be automatically provided and emailed to you. Note, we do not guarantee tracking numbers on any order. While we do our best to make sure they are provided, this is not a service we guarantee in every situation. Need to have a tracking number? Contact us about it before placing an order and we can usually accommodate your request.

Do you ever drop ship parts?
Yes! As a direct and official partner of Saab Parts North America, we have the ability to drop ship orders directly from Saab to you. This can be done at our discretion or upon your request. This program is in place to allow us to significantly cut down on shipping time, particularly when it comes to larger items.

Do you offer expedited shipping method?
Yes! These methods are available at the checkout process and carry individual costs based on item size / weight and destination location. Again, please note 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air Shipping does not guarantee that the product will physically reach you in that amount of time. Backorder shipping situations can still occur and are not immune to shipping choice. Normal items can still process 1-7 business days prior to transit time. Need an item to arrive in a certain period of time? Just ask us before you place the order! This is usually not any problem and we can usually make this happen for you as long as we are aware of it.

Shipping Policies

Shipping Program Rules:
Saab USA Parts reserves the right to change or modify this program at any time for any reason.


Additional Shipping Odds & Ends

Please note - we are not able to provide specific or special delivery instructions to any of our carriers. This includes instructions about delivery time of day and package placement. Please do not submit any order with a request, such as "deliver before noon" or "place package in the garage" - we are not able to do anything with this information.

For all information about item returns, items damaged or lost in transit, please see our "Return Policy" section or if your question is still unanswered, please feel free to reach out to us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST and we will gladly assist you.