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Genuine Saab Front Hood Emblem (00-09 9-5, 03-11 9-3, 9-7X)[12844161] Saab Touch up Paint[tpaint] Saab Smoke Beige(295) Touch-up pen.(9-3 1998-2011)[12804999]
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Saab Front Hood Emblem (01-09 9-5, 03-11 9-3, 9-7X)[12844161] Saab Touch up Paint[tpaint] Touch-up pen.(9-3 1998-2011)[12804999]

IN-STOCK -- Saab Front Hood Emblem

Saab Griffin logo for the hood. This is an Original Equipmet Part.

Emblem Removal and Replacement

Utilizing a plastic wedge or flat tip screw driver you need to pry off the existing silver disc. In the shop, we take a rag and put it to the edge of the existing emblem and use that for leverage and to protect the paint. Taking a hair dryer or leaving it in hot sun will heat up the adhesive and help the removal of the old emblem. Be very careful when removing, you do not want to scratch the paint. Keep the rag or towel right up to the edge of it that way the tip will not touch the paint.

Once the old emblem is off, clean up the area with some general purpose cleaner removing all residue. That way there will be a nice clean surface to mount the new one onto. Just peel the backing off the new emblem and apply.

2001-2009 9-5 (all)

New 9-5 (all)
New 9-4X (all)
2005-2009 9-7X (all)
2003-2011 9-3 Sport Sedan
2006-2011 9-3 Sport Combi
2004-2011 9-3 Sport Convertible
Note: Not for 2003 9-3 Convertible

Note: Only for Front Hood, not for Trunk

Part Number: 12844161

Saab Touch Up Paint

Genuine Saab Touch Up Paint. Select color below.

Note: The exterior color code is listed on the driver's door jam, it will state exterior color code 'xxx'. Please check color code before ordering.

Note: Some paints require the 2 part paint process of base coat & clearcoat which is included if needed. Some Paints do not require the additional tube of clearcoat. Ships with paint as needed.

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Part Number: 12804999

Found in:
9-3 1998-2011
Accessories, Chemicals, emergency equipment, Touch-up paint