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Saab Direct Ignition Cassettes

Replacing a Direct Ignition Casette is simple and only takes a matter of minutes, failures can often be identified by the smell that a DI puts off after failing, one of a burnt electronic nature. The lesson here is check your DI, there is a date code stamped on the label underneath. It will read something like 0250. The first two digits indicate the year, and the last two indicate the week. 0250 would mean a DI made in 2002 on the 50th week. Remember though, this does not indicate when the DI was installed, just when it was produced. If you have an older DI, I would suggest purchasing a spare to keep, just in case it becomes hard to find.

Genuine Saab Direct Ignition Cassettes generally go anywhere between 50k-200k before needing replacement.

Cassette replacement is one of the easiest repairs you can do on your Saab.
Check out The Saab Guy's video on Direct Ignition Cassette replacement:
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