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Genuine Saab Direct Ignition Cassette - 1999-2003 Saab 9-3 & (1999-2009) Saab 9-5 - 4 Cyl Direct Ignition Cassette - (55559955)
Saab Direct Ignition Cassette (Black)[55559955] NEW PART NUMBER 32022255

Savings: $104.75

Product Code: 32022255

(1999-2002 9-3) (2003 9-3 CV Only Saab )( 1999-09 9-5) 4Cyl Direct Ignition Cassette - Genuine OEM - 55559955. . Saab Genuine Direct Ignition Module (55559955) - 9-5 and 9-3 OEM. 1 YR PART WARRANTY!!

Genuine Saab Direct Ignition Cassette.( Not Aftermarket!!! )

Saab Genuine Direct Ignition Module (32022255) - 9-5 and 9-3 OEM. 1 YR PART WARRANTY!!
Saab Genuine Direct Ignition Module (32022255) - 9-5 and 9-3 OEM.

Models & Fitment

1999-2002 9-3 Viggen
2000-2002 9-3 Hatchback
2000-2003 9-3 Convertible

1999-2009 9-5 (4-Cyl. Engine Only)

Where is this part located?

The Saab direct ignition cassette is located front and center within the engine bay. It sits upon the four spark plugs and is held down by for torx screws and connected with one quick release power supply.

What does this part do?

The direct ignition cassette, also referred to as the DI cassette, or DIC, is responsible for providing power to distribute a spark to the cylinders.
How do I know when this part needs to be replaced?

A failing DI will often result in the presence of a check engine light (CEL). Specifically, the failing DI will cause diagnostic codes related to the misfiring of one or more cylinders. Typically this is a repair made once in the lifetime of the vehicle and should accompanied by a fresh set of spark plugs to ensure the system is running properly.

Why should I use a Genuine Saab Direct Ignition?

The internet market in particular is littered with cheap imitations of this product. Various imitiations have been known to cause a plethora of problems within the vehicles they are installed including, but not limited to recurring check engine lights (CEL), misfiring cylinders, and often resulting in an eventual genuine replacement after the fact. All direct ignition cassettes we sell are sourced directly through Saab North America. Fitment is guaranteed on all listed models and all units carry a full warranty against defects through Saab North America.

Saab Part Number 32022255.

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