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Top Selling Saab 9-3 (03-11) Parts and Accessories

Air Filter: These filters are utilized to prevent sediment and dust from damaging your engine during oxygen intake. These will need perennial replacement when they become saturated with filth.
A study by the EEGE found that dirty air filter reduces fuel economy by 2-5% and cut down acceleration by a significant 6-11%. Replace with Genuine OEM parts at 30-40k miles (15k in harsh conditions.)

Brake Pads: When you depress the brake pedal, the brake pad creates friction against the brake rotor, allowing you to stop. It’s imperative to replace these with Genuine OEM parts every 25-50k miles.
On average, 3,287 people die daily in roadway accidents. Brake malfunction is responsible for 22% of crashes caused by mechanical failure. Don’t be another statistic, get your brakes checked and replaced before disaster strikes.

Floor Mats: These placemats are specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Intended to protect your floorboards, they also help with keeping your interior clean by collecting dirt from outside. Replacing your floorboard is much more difficult and expensive than replacing a mat.
Normal use will eventually wear these down, bringing the need for replacement. When they do, replace with Genuine OEM parts for the perfect, high-quality fit.

Roof Racks: Uniquely designed by the manufacturer of your vehicle, these handy racks allow attachment of luggage to the exterior-top of your vehicle. This saves space inside, and is great for recreation, or a move. Normal usage and climate can deteriorate your rack, making it unsafe carrying loads.
Use Genuine OEM parts for replacement. Road-debris resulted in 200,000 accidents over a four-year period. Please, keep your fellow motorists safe.

Emblems & Name Plates: Are sleekly designed, beautiful maker’s marks. They are developed from high-quality materials for longevity and prestige by your vehicle’s manufacturer. These insignias of identity are jewelry for your vehicle, resonating with many proud years of exceptional quality.
If these are damaged in an accident or have deteriorated over time they may need replacement. Always replace your parts with Genuine OEM parts, designed specifically for your vehicle.

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Accessories (Plates, Frames, Deflectors, Add-Ons) Air Conditioning / Heater (Compressors, Condensers, Blowers, Control Panels) Brakes (Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Brackets)
Bumpers & Spoilers (Bumper Covers, Lips, Engine Shields, Arch Liners) Clutch (Complete Kits, Friction Plates, Hardware) Convertible (Top Parts, Hydraulics)
Detailing (Touch Up Paint, Cleaning Supplies, Wax) Electrical (Audio, Antennas, Switches, Starters) Emblems (Hood/Trunk/Wheel Badges)
Engine (Valves, Turbos, Mounts, Gaskets) Exterior (Doors, Glass, Mirrors, Trim) Filters (Cabin, Engine, Oil Change Kits)
Floor & Cargo Mats (Sets, Carpet, Rubber) Fuel System (Sensors, Tanks, Pipes, Gas Caps) Hardware (Screws, Bolts, Plastic Rivets, Clips)
Hoods Ignition (Keys, Remotes, Switches) Interior (Seats, Trim, Handles, Door Parts)
Lighting (Bulbs, Wires, Circuit Boards, Connectors) Racks & Hitches (Roof Mounted, Towing, Add-Ons) Steering (Power Steering, Racks, Hoses/Lines)
Suspension (Struts, Shocks, Springs, Mounts, Hardware) Transmission (Shifters, Knobs, Hoses / Lines) Washer & Wiper (Wiper Blades, Spray Nozzles, Pumps, Linkages)
Wheels (Sets, Replacements, Spares, Tire Sensors, Valves) Window Parts
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